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One of the core services that we offer around Edinburgh is bespoke joinery. We have a team of joiners who are experienced in all aspects of wooden construction from structural timber work, wooden flooring, wooden windows, to loft conversion, flooring, wooden windows, stud partitions and cupboards and shelves. Using a range of different materials, we can provide you with a sample of styles that complement your home perfectly.

Make your house a home with our bespoke joinery services

  • Bespoke joinery designs

  • Experienced joiners

  • Loft conversions

  • Flooring installations

  • Stud partitions

  • Wooden windows and doors

  • Stylish finishes

More than just general woodwork services

You can rely on our joiners for a first class service. If you're looking to convert your loft into liveable space, our joinery team can provide the necessary arrangements to ensure that your walls are well insulated. Alternatively, if you'd just like a new set of shelves for your kitchen or living room, you can depend on our expertise.

From handmade furniture to the structural support of your roof

Complement your household and design a new theme with our bespoke joinery. Get in touch with our team today.

Head Office:

0131 440 4471


0131 457 0067

East Lothian:

01875 815 116

  • Timber framed studs finished with plasterboard

  • Metal framed studs finished with plasterboard

  • Doors and door standards supplied and fitted

We offer various types of stud partitions: